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These photos are extremely outdated, most were made in April 2007.

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Basic system

The basic system consists of a video-projector throwing an image onto a surface of paper between two acryl-sheets. The top one is lit from the edges by 48 infrared-LEDs

Fluid simulation

The fluid simulation allows users to create obstacles by forming them with their hands on the screen, adding color to the fluid through pressure and of course whirling around the fluid by dragging with the fingers

Image Sorting

As seen in the famous video of Mr. Han: allows the user to move/scale/rotate images on the surface. Labelling with an on-screen-keyboard is also possible.

Interactive graph layout

The spring-embedder-algorithm has broad uses, and all look pretty. Users are able to interactively grab and drag around the vertices.


Build a graph thats laid out in mind-map-fashion.


Enables multiple users at the same time to draw the landscape of their dream-garden.


Used all trough the programs.


Draw a shape by dragging its outline and modify it.

Khronos projector

Heavily inspired by a fascinating SIGGRAPH video: load a Video-file and play it not linear but by modifying the surface that cuts the currently visible image out of the space-time-cube.

Marble market

Inspired by the SmartSkin developers.


Plain old pong, but with multiple players and optional old-TV-style.


Draw on a surface that rotates in 3D to create objects.